Thursday, January 25, 2007

Middle Ground Hard to Find for Super Bowl

Much is being made of the Super Bowl XLI matchup that pits two teams linked by I-65. Indianapolis and Chicago are about 180 miles apart leaving many folks stradling an imaginary loyalty line, a McMahon/Harbaugh storied and ages old.

Where that fabled halfway point lies is up to some heated debate. Three towns are currently claiming to sport the line where you stop walking out of Bears country and start into Colts territory.

Say hello to Fowler, Remington, and the ever-popular Battle Ground.

All three towns are in northwestern Indiana. Fowler claims 2,271 souls and surprisingly Remington and Battle Ground both have 1,323 folks so the rivalry is already ripe (although that's based on Wikipedia). However, this debate is measured in miles and those are at a premium.

Remington is front page news in the Indianapolis Star with its thoroughfare - aptly named Division Street - keeping it 91.15 miles from the RCA Dome and 91.82 miles from UFO-Soldier Field.

Battle Ground - thanks mainly to bad math by WTHR - has been claimed to be "exactly half way between Chicago and Indianapolis." From there it's riding the coattails of a name gained through some military action by everyone's favorite one-month president, William Henry Harrison.

However, I've got to give my money to Fowler and the 100 Mile Rib & Chop House. The 100 Mile House is an institution around those parts named for its equidistance from Indianapolis and Chicago. To its credit they serve up a mean tenderloin and in turn will gain the most financial return by again getting its name in the paper. If there's anything to learn from this debate, there's money to be made.

What does it all mean? Not too much. Three towns get their names and resident media whores i, the news. The Colts continue to gain dominance in fan loyalty throughout its home state. And Indiana's own Rex Grossman has been voted the worst Super Bowl quarterback of all time.

Enjoy the ride.

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