Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dwight Freeney? Never Heard of Him.

That's Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney dominating the front page of Sunday's Indianapolis Star. The Colts and the entire city celebrated the 23 - 8 victory thanks mainly to an unrealistically amped up Colts defense. Freeney was a major part of that success getting great pressure on Trent Green and being the anchor for the Colts pass rush.

Freeney is well-entrenched in the hearts of his fans despite leading the league's worst rush defense. Evidently, he hasn't made that big of an impression on the copywriters at his local rag though.

Hopefully Freeney doesn't feel slighted. Lil Ronnie was listed as starting long snapper.


Brian Singleton said...

Is Lil Ronnie known at all in "Nap Town"? One of my friends discovered his web site last season, and we have had fun lampooning him ever since

Crizzle said...

Do not speak the name of Lil' Ronnie. Dude is nothing but bad luck for the Colts.

Ross McLochness said...

As far as local media goes this season, Indy is quite devoid of Lil Ronnie coverage.

We're too overwhelmed with Fat Ricky and his dope Pacers rhyme, "Pimpin' Carlisle Style."