Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Attack of the Cartoonish Columnist

As pointed out on yesterday, there's a growing trend for sportswriters to eschew the head shot in favor of the fully body shot.

Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star has taken things to the next level and fully embraced his cartoonish nature.
This portrait accompanied an article deatailing Kravitz's wishy-washy opinions of the Colts season. Kravitz - known for the longlingly profound zinger post-script to most columns (that usually reads like a third grade morality lesson) - is depicted as a top-heavy cartoon (absolutely true) bounding (most likely false) toward a story with a lean, critical eye (openly contested).

The sad reality of this caricature of a caricature: it's drawn to scale. Kravitz truly is a big-headed, undersized reporter with spindly legs, miniscule feet, and a squirrel living on his face.

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