Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Colts vs. Bears? Let Hip Hop Decide

Not to leave any stone unturned, Indy's own Mudkids have dropped some lines in praise of the Colts. They recruited Colts man-on-the-street Zack Legend to lend some production.

The highlight has to be the guy doing the "mime trapped in a box" on the steps of the RCA Dome with 1:11 remaining. Also, I admit I love the lyrical stylings of "a draw to Addai." That's poetry.

As of yet, there's been no response from Lil' Ronnie or Jim McMahon.

1 comment:

Crizzle said...

Am I the only person that can't stand Zack Legend? I mean, when compared to that travesty of a mascot that is Blue he isn't that bad, but come on.