Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hit it, Rockapella!

So, you know how sometimes you're scouring through the sea of crap that is the internet, only to stumble upon some strange, new world you never knew existed? Well, friends, I had such an experience a few days ago.

It started like any other venture onto YouTube. I was looking for Kelly Clarkson clips.

Done laughing? Oh, you're not.

Now?... OK. Seriously. I've come to embrace my guiltiest of pleasures (though Nelly Furtado may soon dethrone Kelly). But I digress.

Somehow I came across this clip of UCLA's the Scattertones:

I was sort of in shock. I guess I knew that a cappella groups still existed, but covering Kelly Clarkson? And incorporating beat boxing? When did that start? I quickly learned that this was just the tip of the iceberg. The Scattertones
have covered everyone from The Backstreet Boys to The Boss to...wait for it...Radiohead.

But the Scattertones aren't the only ones out there. They've got a rival in the Carleton Singing Knights. They've got indie rock covered, from The Postal Service to Daft Punk to...wait for it...Sufjan Stevens.

There's oh so much more a cappella out there. But the real question is this: Why have I been spending so much of my personal time watching it?

Then I remembered where my love for a cappella came from.....


Crizzle said...


That post could not have been complete without the Carmen Sandiego reference.


Anonymous said...

An a capella group singing Kelly Clarkson is somewhat frightening (I am a fan of Kelly's, but it's kind of weird, I thought a capella groups sang things like old fifties songs and spirituals, not pop. But then again, what do I know?) However, they did sound good and I think that is the most important thing.
Loved the nod to Rockapella! Did anyone ever figure out where the hell Carmen Sandiego was and why were we looking for her in the first place?