Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Get him a bodybag, Johnny. YYEEEEAAAHH!"

For my first humble contribution to bad idea blue jeans, I bring you a music video from the band No More Kings, apparently decided that rather simply namedrop cheesy 80's icons (I'm looking at you, Bowling for Soup), they'd get nearly the entire cast of THE 80's movie for their song paying homage to its most famous line.

Watch the video (I warn you, it's a glorious 8-minute epic. Ralph Macchio's entrance is equal to Margot Tenenbaum getting off the bus to pick up Richie), and answer the following multipe choice question:

The best part of No More Kings' video "Sweep the Leg" is:

a) the perfect replica of the fighting arena, complete with the red, yellow, and black brackets

b) William Zabka's willingness to appear as obsessed with his being THE 80's teen villian as the rest of us (Sean Kanan from Pt. III was a pathetic attempt to recapture the essense of Johnny)

c) the hirarity of seeing an old, bald Bobby utter my favorite line from the film, seen the title of this blog

d) the fact that Pat Morita is obviously looking down from heaven, thinking "Thank God I didn't have to do that. Fucking pathetic"

e) Mr. Belding's cameo, and his not-so-subtle insertion of his Saved By the Bell catchphrase


Anonymous said...

The guy who yells "get him a bodybag" is TOMMY. Bobby was the other CK who was told to put Daniel "out of commishion." They are both bald in the video, but Tommy (Rob Garrison) looks much older because he is much older than all the other actors except the sensei Kreese. Glad to see he is ok though. Its funny that he could step right back into character like that after 20+ years. Besides all that, the video is pretty damn good, too. "Must be take a worm for a walk week!!!"

Anonymous said...

too bad the band and the song suck shit.