Monday, October 09, 2006

Here Comes a Regular

There are many things in live which simultaneously entertain and confound me. Recent examples include the unlikely marketability of Ok Go, anything Bob Dylan ever says in an interview, the 'comedy' sketches within "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip", and the absolute train wreck that is the NBC Sunday Night football highlight show (which I'll have to dedicate a post to in the future). Added to this list is the perverse joy I get from tracking where all our visitors come from is seeing how many people end up on the page through the magic of google search terms. Granted, most people who land here are looking for video of the "Bad Idea Jeans" sketch from SNL (and I'm guessing we just hooked a few more of you right there) but I'm continually amazed at the random ways that people stumble here.

Therefore, apropos of absolutely nothing, I present my favorite authentic google search terms. A few make sense. Most do not. But for one reason or another, all have led people to some of our greatest ramblings.

knock on the bar

Mickey Mantle 1973 letter

ben roethlisberger is a douche bag (NOTE: We're very proud of the collective IQs of the commenters on this one.)

pat's girlfriend (NOTE: If you put this term into google, our page is the first hit, which seems odd for some reason. Maybe it made sense to whoever was doing the search.)

kokomo hiphugger hours (NOTE: Our first post. We were so cute back then.)

pictures of britannia jeans

hilarious misplaced modifiers (NOTE: I'm guessing this isn't quite what the guy had in mind as "hilarious")

Ă‚“chris hansenĂ‚” smug

What jeans does dane cook wear

Censored YouTube, Pedophile, boy dancing, My Humps (NOTE: I'm very afraid.)

what's with stuart scott eye

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