Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tuesday Vintage Commercial: Puritan Clothing

Let's set the opening scene. You're a grown man who for one reason or another is standing in park shirtless. The obvious solution is the appropriately named "form fitting" Puritan clothing.

The vendor is really taking an interest in the eating habits of his customers, but that's neither here nor there. If anybody has any idea what that woman is using to apply condiments to her hot dog, please inform me. I have never seen a brush of any sort at a vendor cart, and I can say with relative confidence that whether one was available or not, I would have a reservation or two about repeatedly applying the remnants of a publicly used brush to something I'm about to eat. But what do I know?

I also enjoy the fact that Puritan clothing is apparently having a tough time filling up 30-seconds of ad space. There's no shame in running a 23-second ad and then just letting the piano fill over a black screen for 7 seconds, kids.

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Ross McLochness said...

Also, the guy with the hotdog must be the girl's stylist. That weiner stays in his mouth for some time only to emerge unchewed and noticably delighted.