Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Only Slightly Out of Touch

In the first half of tonight's Purdue v. Minnesota broadcast, Purdue forward Carl Landry flashed low into the lane, took a rocket pass from Chris Lutz, spun into two defenders, was fouled and hit the short jumper. All in all, a pretty routine play for the Boilermaker senior. Yet, the call from ESPN+ color commentator Shon Morris really sealed the magnitude of the play.

"Oh, you can't let him get that deep. If you're letting him get that deep you might as well call Quincy cause you're dead."

Really. Quincy. TV's Quincy that aired from 1977 - 1983. You've got to be kidding me. Carl Landry, the player at the heart of the call wasn't even born until September 19, 1983 well after the swan song for the Jack Klugman medical examiner opus.

Shon Morris must have heard someone in the truck saying, "What the f*ck," in his ear because seconds later he interupts play-by-play man Mike Gleason for this humbling exchange while Landry shoots his free throws.

Morris: "The more modern-day people would say C.S.I. I'm old school."
Gleason: "I know exactly what you meant....Could have been Columbo I guess."
Morris (reserved and shameful): "It could have been."

Shon Morris was the same guy who when working the studio desk for another Purdue game this season chose Purdue's David Teague as a 'player to watch.' At halftime after Teague had a blistering display, Morris was congratulated on his choice only to retort, "Yeah, as long as he [Teague] doesn't screw me in the second half."

Shon Morris. He'll go toe-to-toe with anybody when it comes to 1980's trivia. But don't even begin to think you can screw him.


J Money said...

Nice. Boilers get all the top-notch announcing duos.

Anonymous said...

He has kicked my butt in Trivial Pursuit. I am pretty sure he could kick yours when it comes to knowing hoops, unless you played Big 10 ball and been around the sport for almost 20 years.