Friday, February 02, 2007

He's back, and we may be doomed

You have got to be kidding me.

Here's a little timeline for those not in the know:

December, 2005: The Colts start the season 13-0.
December, 2005: Lil' Ronnie releases a terrible Colts-related rap song, containing the phrase "18-0, Super Bowl bound"
December, 2005: The Colts lose to the Chargers, ending the undefeated run.
January, 2006: The Colts lose to the Steelers in the divisional playoffs, and Lil' Ronnie vanishes without a trace.

December 2006: The Colts give up 375 rushing yards in a blowout loss to the Jags. It becomes clear this team is once again set for an early playoff loss.
January, 2007: The Colts, in successive weeks, shut down Larry Johnson, pull off an upset on the road in Baltimore, and complete the biggest comeback in championship game history over the Patriots. Of even more importance, all of this is accomplished with Lil' Ronnie in public exile, having not been heard from since last season's debacle.
February, 2007: The Colts are a 6 1/2 point favorite in Super Bowl XLI. The players seems calm and focused, and Brian Urlacher is on the cover of Sports Illustrated. No jinx fears anywhere.
February 2, 2007: On a day that should be reserved for nothing more than quoting Ned Ryerson, Lil' Ronnie RETURNS with a Super Bowl remix!

You have got to be kidding! 2 days before the game, this kid resurfaces?! I'm sensing conspiracies on an Oliver Stone level. Regardless, this news is crushing to me, and has me fearing that the Lil' Ronnie curse will rear it's ugly head on Sunday. I swear, if the Colts lose this game, I'm personally sending Nick Harper's wife to take out Lil' Ronnie, along with the rest of "31 South Entertainment."

Step off, punk.


Crizzle said...

My goodness. This may have ruined my week. Should the Colts lose we already know why.

This is NOT what we needed.

Ross McLochness said...

I've wanted to cede the extreme South/Greenwood from the USA for a while now.

Finally I have concrete evidence to support this.

Does his teacher call him RonD?