Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

For those of you Midwesterners snowed in, this Valentine's Day may mean being without your special someone (at least that's what this week's episode of CBS' The Class taught me). But I digress.

Anyone wanting company for their misery, look no further than the backseat of this car.

My guess is that he's on his way to the dentist, and is fairly certain they have run out of twisty pencil prizes and will only have those odd-smelling rainbow erasers left. When will mom learn that you have to schedule those appointment early in the week?!

Happy Valentine's Day, friends.

**Update: Upon futher thought, I felt that I had to be fair, and present an alternate point of view on this day.

I give you the greatest love song ever written (then sung and performed in a sitcom).

***Update: Upon even further thought, this one is pretty romantic too!

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