Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wayne Larrivee's Not Worried About Your Rules

ESPN+ Announcer Wayne Larrivee no doubt got his job calling basketball games thanks to a smooth baritone voice, a deft use of impartiality, and the ability to SportsCenter it up from time to time when calling exciting plays (see 'Nuuuuhthing but the bottom of the net!').

However, Wayne doesn't seem to know the rules that well.

With time waning in Purdue's victory over Northwestern, Purdue's Tarrance Crump was fouled in the backcourt. Crump went to the line to shoot the double bonus free throws. He missed his first, and the cameras cut away to a heated discussion between a referee and Purdue coach Matt Painter. Crump then shot his second shot, and then a third. Crump was in no way shooting yet somehow shot three free throws (he only hit one).

Ever the one to inform, Larrivee attacks this enigma like any good announcer...he starts making up rules. Larrivee cited a rule that players fouled in the backcourt in the final moments of the game will automatically be awarded three free throws in an effort to deter excessive fouling by the trailing team.

Moments later another Purdue player is fouled on a defensive rebound (also in the backcourt) and awarded two free throws. Larrivee clears this up by saying that was a rebounding foul and not an intentional foul to stop the clock.

At this point my mind is quite unsure of a few things.

  • I've never heard of this automatic 3 shot rule
  • If a foul is indeed intentionally committed to stop the clock, wouldn't the intentional foul rule apply?
  • Why is the color commentator noticably silent?

Turns out that conversation between Coach Matt Painter and the referee was about a rule actually on the books that states defensive players must fill both of the lowest positions on the lane during a free throw. This didn't happen during Crump's first attempt, hence the violation and the extra free throw.

Stay tuned for Purdue's next contest against Minnesota when the Boilers will hope to pull off a victory by shutting down the Gophers' corner kicks and hopefully getting more production from the triple word score spot.


Chris said...

I watched that game I was wondering where the hell that rule came from. Not that it's a terribly bad idea... said...

that's hilarious, great catch

Brian said...

Nice... that Wayne does some fine, fine work.

LL Cool Adam J said...

I was wondering about that when I watched the game.

Then I wondered why I was intentionally watching Purdue and Northwestern and I wanted to cry.

Shriz said...

sounds like he should be a part of the Bush Administration!

Anonymous said...

What a dick. Wayne Larrivee has always been pretty bad. But just making up rules is almost beyond comprehension.

Anonymous said...

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