Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Back in college, I took an acting class. There were 10 people in it, ranging from a die hard drama student (who, by choosing the University of Dayton as their place to sharpen their acting chops, obviously wasn't much of an actress) to a 40-year-old stripper turned born-again Christian who refused to curse (she also had quite possibly the greatest name I've ever heard for a 40-year-old stripper turned born-again Christian -- LatishaDupree). But I digress.

I've been thinking about the class since stumbling upon an online list of the top 10 monologues in movie history, because part of my acting class required us to perform 3 ourselves. For class, I chose these two classic Kevin Smith gems:

Brodie's Plane Story and Everyone's favorite declaration of love between a straight guy and a lesbian

The monologue is quite the art form. Grabbing and holding onto the attention of an audience by yourself is no easy task (noted by the fact that after watching those first two clips, you probably stopped reading this article).

And so, I give you my Top Five Greatest Monologues in movie history (that I could find on youtube):

"The Choice"

"The Sermon"

"The Jerk"

"The Confession"

"The Brawlroom Dance"

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