Thursday, March 01, 2007

Live From New York, It's Peyton Manning

During a release party for the Colts Super Bowl DVD, Peyton Manning spoke to the media about the influx of appearance offers that he has turned down since the Super Bowl. However, one offer was apparently too good to pass up - the chance to host Saturday Night Live, which he will do on March 24th (his 31st birthday.)

It will be interesting to see how Manning performs on SNL. Tango aficianodos will be the first to note that Manning has been more than comfortable on the stage in the past. Still, it would be hard to imagine that anything Manning does could surpass Joe Montana, who put on the career-defining performance of SNL-athlete hosts 20 years ago when he played the part of Sincere Guy Stu and uttered one of the most brilliant deadpan lines in the history of the show:

(All apologies for only having the audio, but I scoured all over for video and came up empty. Damn you NBC and your constant smiting of online video.)

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cghost said...

I'm unable to find this video either (that's how I find this blog.) It's a shame, it's one of the funniest SNL skits.