Thursday, March 08, 2007

Musketeers are Gay

Another Dayton basketball season has come to a close today. A brave but injury-plagued Flyers squad fell to the evil incarnate that is Xavier University, a school I hate with my entire being. I hate Xavier so much, I wouldn't even wear Xanthus shoes (if they were still in business.) With the loss, UD appears to be on the outside looking in of the always tempestuous NIT bubble.

But do not fret, Flyer faithful. Next year looks promising, as UD only loses one senior (Monty Scott, who has been hurt the last month anyway.) Also, the Flyers are getting their best freshman recruit in decades with Chris Wright, who it seems according to my youtube-searching records is, uh, kinda nasty.

So hold your head up high, Flyers. We may have lost to Xavier three times this year, but at least our mascot doesn't sport some fruity mustache. Our mascot is so cutting edge, he's been wearing aviator shades before the came in the standard issue hipster uniform. In closing, please enjoy this aerial display of London Warren, giving Dion Dacons of Temple a little of the old "How's your father"a week ago.


Anonymous said...

That sucks that Xavier is better than you guys. Oh well, always next year as the losing side says.

Anonymous said...

Wow...there's always next year. Too bad "next year" was this year and Xavier D-bagged you three times again! (FYI -- D-bags are tea bags courtesy of Derrick Brown)