Wednesday, March 28, 2007

On Second Thought

That's the justification former Purdue Boilermaker Nate Minnoy gave in September 2006 for his decision to withdraw from the basketball team and university. Little did we know Minnoy wasn't indicating career choices. When he said it was best to go in another direction he meant one specifically: UP.

Minnoy's departure was quite unexpected and announced mere weeks from the season tip-off. The Boilers went on to have one of the best turn-around seasons returning to the NCAA tournament and losing to defending champ Florida in the second round. Minnoy's photo was even on the promotional material mailed to the Boiler faithful and a banner - albeit misspelled - hung on Mackey Arena putting Minnoy on par with All Big Ten players David Teague and Carl Landry.

Needless to say, the puzzle of Minnoy's departure after a season shortened by a torn MCL began to unravel at the speed of conjecture. Turns out Nate wasn't too happy with new coach Matt Painter's demands that he shed pounds. Some reports say up to 20 lbs. needed to be dropped to stay in Painter's good graces. Minnoy, not feeling up to the rigors of being in shape for a division one team decided instead to feed the fans a line about "another direction."

His first new direction took him to Schoolcraft Junior College this season. Not too shocking enough, word's out today that Minnoy has committed to play for coach Ernie Zeigler and the Central Michigan Chippewas who went 13-18 this year in the MAC.

Don't think ole Nate was disingenuous when he talked about moving "in another direction." Sure he stuck with collegiate basketball, the midwest, and even eventually came back to D-I. But suddenly Nate's grown 2 inches yet remained the svelt 270 lbs.

Let's go on a little stat walk.

  • In 2004, Minnoy's senior year at Hales Franciscan High School he was listed as 6' 3" and 230 lbs.
  • Then during his season at Purdue he was still 6' 3" but ballooned up to 270 lbs.
  • Upon arrival at Schoolcraft he's still listed as 6' 3" and 270 lbs.
  • After three years of consistent height, the 20 year old Minnoy is touted as being 6' 5" and still 270 lbs. I think Nate's fibbing. Don't believe me? Take a look at this photo of Minnoy standing next to Mott Community College's Terrence Watson, also listed as 6' 5" but Watson seems to be about 2 inches taller.

Perhaps that bastion of journalism, the Morning Sun, simply made a mistake and gave Minnoy the extra inches. Either way, that would be the second largest mistake surrounding this story. Coach Zeigler - also a Schoolcraft alum - must have fallen for it or not mind having one of his guards outweigh his centers by 15, 20, and 40 pounds.

Transfer if you want out. Just don't lie about it.

Oh, here'a link to Nate's mySpace. At least he's still friends with his former Purdue teammates. It will take some work to get his former fans into his top 24 though.


Purdue Matt said...

What a punk.

You'd rather play in obscurity for CMU than put in the work to be part of a tournament team at Purdue? Your choice fat ass.

Anonymous said...

Nate lived off campus with his mother and I hear that Purdue's food money was being paid for more than one. Painter got mad because he wasn't cutting it in the classroom and wanted to move him back on campus to keep a better eye on his grades. Nate didn't agree and left.

Anonymous said...

If he wanted to leave and play with his former coach what is wrong with that. Its his choice and his life not his fans. I don't think that he was 230 in high scholl he looked about 250 but you can't deny the fact that he is a very good basketball player 270 or not. Its basketball not modeling! As long as he can do things he needs to do well on the court then it should be okay because its BASKETBALL there is no weight requirement