Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Surf's Up

I'm not too sure what I've got planned this weekend. How about you? Oh yeah, I guess I will be watching the Final Four Saturday evening, but not much planned Sunday outside the usual Palm Sunday doings.

What's, that? The world is ending Sunday April 1, 2007. Huh, wonder if that will screw up the coverage of the national championship? At least we'll be done with Joakim Noah once and for all. Wait, big flood and a guy named Noah. Looks like we'll have him for a while...well another 40 days at least.

I'm not one for Biblical prophesy disseminated via free web press releases - especially after the scholarly work of Bart Ehrman - but I do love a good April Fool's joke.

Did you notice that? Coincidence maybe. Just remember this little zinger from Palm Sunday 1965.


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