Thursday, March 08, 2007

Locals Only

From the Watson's girl to Bob Rohrman, Indianapolis has a fine tradition of local commercial celebrities. But I think we can all agree that no one comes close to the perfect combination of costumer service, 2nd Ammendment patriotism, and good old fashioned crazy that is Don Davis.

He's even made it nationally, recently being featured on ifilm's series of great (and by great, they mean creepy) local commercials:

And even though ifilm is unaware that Don has retired from advertising guns on television, as he now "just looooves sellin' matresses," we're FINALLY getting some positive press for Indianapolis!


Anonymous said...

Oh how I don't miss the days of hearing Don's creepy voice on the television. And, I could have done without seeing the Watson's Girl nearly naked! Too bad she hasn't retired, too. It's kind of creepy, her in those commericials with her stepdad, who I have heard, bought her some implants for high school graduation. If that is true, that is just wrong!

Brent Daugherty said...

Grow up already, Jennifer Foley (The Watson's Girl) doesn't even have implants. Take a moment if you would to learn about who your bashing first: