Thursday, February 28, 2008

"That's a heavy duty F-ing coat!"

No, the title of this blog entry is not censored. Tim Gunn actually got worked up enough to almost curse!

Last night, we saw what essentially is part 1 of the season finale, and going into it, I knew there would be many surprises. By the end of the hour, Chris March would be on his way home, Rami would be on his way to fashion week, and Christian would still be annoying.

I thought this time, I'd give my faithful reader(s) a peek into my note-taking during episodes. What follows is a near-replica of what I jotted down as the show took place. Consider it an homage to Dirk's Oscar live blog.

Opening of show
  • rooftop champagne (don't they usually start each season with that)
  • Christian is change from normal behavior

Tim's visit with Christian

  • nice Quiksilver long-sleeve t-shirt
  • cowardly lion pants
  • he sleeps in the closet...hello irony!
  • no supportive friends/family to visit with Tim. I almost feel sorry for him

Tim's visit with Jillian

  • 15th century armor...sort of like her personality
  • I think Jillian stole that sweater from my mom
  • In Jillian's dad's eyes, Tim Gunn = Santa?
  • labelling kids - what a great idea!

Tim's visit with Rami

  • Ha! Rami is trying to eat a grape with a fork
  • Ms. Jordan, huh? Was draping allowed during the talent competition?
  • Joan of Arc...he and Jillian are making the same collection
  • heavy duty F-ing coat! Tim Gunn is unleashing the near-curse

Tim's visit with Chris

  • beauty with a quirk?
  • gorgeous color = black?
  • use of human hair?
  • monkey house?
  • "you're under arrest....for being the best designer on the show!" ?
  • where the hell does his friend live? the library in Top Secret?
  • Chris March confuses me (as noted by punctuation in above statements)

The reunion

  • fake rivalry
  • Sunkist, Budlight
  • Jillian's dumb hat (Pepe Lepu's girlfriend or Minnie Mouse)
  • Rami & Jillian definitely have sex. When she gets mopey, Rami feels bad and lets her go wild. I think Will & Grace had an arrangement like that.

Rami's collection

  • no suprises. collar is a bit crazy

Chris' collection

  • velvet condom! ha!
  • he obviously knew he had no shot, so he just went nuts
  • goth? safety pins? I think this is the client he had in mind
  • I just realized that Chris March = Christopher Lowell

As for next week's finale, I'll be projecting it on my living room wall. All who have attended our viewing parties each week, or would like to join in the festivities is welcome.

Sometime before the finale, I'll post a prediction of what is to come in the finale (I have avoided the temptation to read the spoilers, so I'm in the dark)


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