Saturday, February 16, 2008

Plain White T's...that get ripped off by security

There have been few defenders of Assembly Hall Security's actions at the Indiana v. Wisconsin game last Wednesday. On two occasions, security asked a spectator to remove a homemade "Bring Back Bobby" shirt.

Thankfully, the fan put his shirt back on because "this is America, Jack!"

Of course this got me thinking: what kind of shirt could I put together for my trip to Bloomington on Tuesday to watch Purdue try and set a Big Ten Championship on ice? All it takes is a Sharpie and 3-pack of Hanes and I'm well on my way to being forcibly removed from the lower level by the Bloomington Gestapo.


boilerbugle said...

definitely go for the hire Gene.

Anonymous said...

Just bought a few of the 'BRING BACK BOBBY' t-shirts!!

J Money said...

I, too, love the hire Gene shirt.

Will you be in view Tuesday night? We'll be watching, of course.

Ross McLochness said...

I've never been to Ass. Hall, but from what I can garner from the web, I'll be lower level but above the concourse behind the Purdue bench.