Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I have 2 suitcases... filled with friendship and success


Right now, I'm so distraught, I can only turn to fashion designer Mugatu to express my feelings about Ricky staying:

"I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!!!"

I'll write more tomorrow, once I've had time to properly mourn Kit Pistol's demise.

For now, my feelings would best be expressed by Lloyd Christmas, as he bids farewell to his love, Mary....just before getting smacked in the face with an airbag.

Goodbye my love, indeed.

OK. I've calmed down. Onto the review of last night's show!

First of all, I had to look up "avant garde." And apparently all it means is stuff that isn't normal....stuff that's other words, it means clothing that no one would ever wear. Sounds like a job for the gay drag queen and his gay sprite sidekick! But we'll get to Chris and Christian in a sec.

Did you notice the Levi's photobooth commercial that aired during the show?

Notice anything different? Anything more Bravo TV about it? Anything avant garde?

Back to the competition. Because of the challenge, I really have no best and worst list. I tend to approve of clothes that are clothes instead of clothes that are not clothes. So instead, I thought I'd reveal the obvious combinations that the designers used to inspire their concoctions.

Victorya and Jillian:

This + this =

Kit and Ricky:

This + this =

Sweet P and Rami:

This + this =

Chris and Christian:

This + this =

Let's all just agree that at this point, me naming a current top three is pointless.

And predicting Ricky's departure? It's obvious the Runway gods are having their way with me this season.

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