Monday, April 02, 2007

Not Bad for a Bunch of Guys with Names like Tubby, Thad, Bo and Izzo

I'm sure the Big Ten Wonk could do a better job of this, but with the recent jostling of head coaches the Big Ten has given itself quite the coaching staff, especially when you look at the most recent post-season play.

Here's a run down of the 2007 post-season for next year's staff.
  • Thad Matta, Ohio State - #1 seed, took the Buckeys to the national championship game
  • Todd Lickliter, Iowa - took #5 seed Butler to the Sweet Sixteen
  • Bo Ryan, Wisconsin - #2 seed, advanced to the second round
  • Matt Painter, Purdue - #9 seed, advanced to the second round
  • Kelvin Sampson, Indiana - #7 seed, advanced to the second round
  • Tom Izzo, Michigan St. - #9 seed, advanced to the second round
  • Tubby Smith, Minnesota - took #8 seed Kentucky to the second round
  • John Beilein, Michigan - won the NIT with West F*ckin' Virginia
  • Bruce Weber, Illinois - #12 seed, eliminated first round

So there you have it. All nine coaches in the Big Ten will enter next season coming off of post-season play and eight of those had post-season wins.

Eleven what? Oh, yeah, them.


david said...

HOw dare you besmirch the image of Coach Carmody!

Ross McLochness said...

If Carmody gets 9 wins in the Big Ten next year I'll retract all besmirching.

Until then, he'd do best to consider his ass besmirched.

Anonymous said...

I bet the Big 10 gets so much more pussy than the SEC.

The Big 10 is so hot, it swims in vaginal fluid.