Tuesday, April 10, 2007

God Gene Keady is my Co-Pilot

Purdue basketball coach Matt Painter and the man he replaced, Gene Keady, were each to give an address at the Easter Seals Crossroads luncheon in Indianapolis. Thank God, Gene Keady knows where the hell he's going.

Painter admitted in a phone interview from his car to WNDE's John Michael - with Keady riding shotgun - that he was slightly confused between the Hyatt and the Westin in downtown Indianapolis. Painter noted that he took the wrong MLK exit, but luckily enough Keady knew Indianapolis well and set Painter back on the straight and narrow.

Two interesting points about babe-in-the-woods Painter's little downtown adventure:
  • Coming south on I-65 from West Lafayette to Indianapolis there are two exits onto MLK, the first one is familiar to anyone who's seen Chris Rock's stand-up act, and the second exit two miles ahead is a bit closer to downtown proper - or propa! Painter must have taken the first exit.
  • Painter should be a bit more acquainted with the Westin. It's the same hotel that houses the NCAA Selection Committee, the same committee that put Painter's Boilermakers back into the tournament this season after a few years drought.

Again, you've got to hand it to Coach Keady for getting them to the luncheon on time for the Q & A with people doing the excellent work that is the hallmark of Easter Seals. And from Painter's remarks, it seems Keady has known for some time about Painter's abilities.

In a response detailing the 'Boiler Way,' Painter pointed out Keady's recipe for success back when Painter was tossing assists to Glenn Robinson.

“Coach Keady had the Boiler Way,’’ Painter said. “Go to class, do what you’re supposed and throw the ball to Glenn.’’

Painter does have one of the best recruiting classes in the country coming in after a well-received turnaround year. But Painter will have to give credit for today's turnaround to the slickback - over -around - under - and - through - haired legend Gene Keady.

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