Thursday, April 05, 2007

Joe Tiller Hates You and Your Bullshit Blogs

That moustachioed man - the one on the right - is Purdue football coach Joe Tiller. He's fond of a spread offense, a defense built on speed, pocket passers and players who don't let 5' 2" 170lb women stab them in the chest.

He hates your blog though.

In response to what can categorically be called a bad week - one player stabbed, another picking up a DUI and subsequently being linked to the stabbing incident, team members not too forthcoming with evidence or guilt, and general low morale - Tiller has closed all spring practices and most likely all fall practices to the media.

Asked for an explanation, Tiller noted, "I'm tired of blogging and guys talking about our practices, and postings, and all that bullshit. All's it is is more problems than it is value."

At first I was hurt. Coach Tiller, didn't our hug mean anything? Yet, I've got to give it to Tiller. He's pulling in the reins on a team with tons of potential yet precariously at a tipping point that might end in disaster. Oh, and he skillfully avoiding bringing up the eBay or the internets.


Brian Singleton said...

Joe Tiller is the man!

Ross McLochness said...

Quote from Will Leitch of Deadspin after I e-mailed him a link to this post:

"Ha. I JUST posted about this."

And he did:

No wonder Joe Tiller hates blogs. They beat you to everything. Thanks, Will.