Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tell Tale Signs

We've touched base here before on the merits of the Westboro Baptist Church. Unbeknownst to me, these God fearing do-gooders were at University of Chicago yesterday, protesting the fact that Barack Obama was once was a professor at the Law School. He stopped serving as a lecturer there in 2004, so the Baptist Bruisers were in fact protesting something that last occurred FIVE YEARS AGO. I find this concept to be brilliant. It makes as much sense as attending the American Idol episode taping tomorrow to voice your outrage over Ruben Studdard winning season 2.

Until recently, the biggest problem with this crew has been that people didn't know how to handle them. Confronting them doesn't help, and constitutionally, there's nothing police can do about hatemongers on public property. Luckily, the UC kids put their thinking caps on, and much to everyone's delight, came up with signs of their own. A sampling can be seen here and here.

The code has clearly been cracked! We can only hope this leads to an ongoing battle for best combatant signs at a Westboro protest. I'm going to have my "God's Life Would Suck Without You" sign ready and waiting.

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