Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Season Done...until Tomorrow

On the eve of the latest/most important NCAA tournament, I feel the need to reflect on the most recent season.

To date, the Boilers have accomplished five of my pre-season goals, but as per the course, they've done it in a peculiar way. There's a winning season in the books. They took down Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois though it took 3 tries to knock off the Illini. The boys brought home the first Big Ten Tournament championship in school history, and in route locked down a 5-seed in the tournament.

Where do we go from here?

Northern Iowa is on the bill for tomorrow, and many folks are taking the sexy upset pick. I doubt it. The Boilers should be tipping with Washington on Saturday afternoon. The real question lies in the prospects of playing two weekends this March.

Sure, Purdue could shit the bed and bow out with most people lamenting "if only Hummel hadn't torn up his back." On the other hand, the Boilers could put the past to rest and try to take on the world one UCONN at a time. Time will tell.

I'm reserving my end of the year reflections until later. For now, the Doritos are ripe, the beer is cold and the Tivo is humming.

God, how I love this.

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