Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bad Idea Live Blog: Dayton/Xavier Game

Final thought:
  • Basketball is stupid and I can't care about it anyway so whatever.

- Final score: Xavier 76 Dayton 59

- Timeout so the senior (citizen) Raymond can retire....literally....because he's so old.

- It's just not a Dayton basketball game until London Warren airballs a three.

- Awesome! Chris Wright gets an easy dunk. How come Xavier had to be jerks and play defense most of the game?

- At this point, maybe Dayton should just pull an Artest.

- Offensive rebounds for Xavier. Killing us.

- I also love this State Farm Insurance commercial with Lebron dancing to Kid N Play. It's almost as good as this dancing-related commercial.

- Is this badmitton Aleve ad a national commercial? I hope so. That 50-year-old visor-wearing woman is killin' it out there

- text from Tom "Those signs for Raymond look like they were drawn by the jerry lewis telethon kids" Or Xavier students.

- Little misses a dunk. It's the first half, all over again.

- Oldy Oldson just hit back-to-back threes. Drat. This is where Dayton starts chucking threes like crazy.

- A Skyline Chili montage? God, I hate Cincinnati. And Hubert hates Skyline. I love him!

- Marcus Johnson!!!!

- As I was typing that last one, the autistic kid hit a three...dammit

- chip chip chip away...within 6

- Kurt Hueslman always looks confused and never closes his mouth. He's our Tyler Hansbrough

- London Warren flops. And Hubert hates it.

- That offensive rebound for Xavier is about to create a 49-point swing.

- text from Tom "When will they break down Frease's race? Romanian? Latin? Jason Kidd's race? It's wide open"

- I've been trying to find a Necessary Roughness clip so I could make a BJ Raymond/Scott Bakula joke. But apparently that is the one movie that someone hasn't uploaded onto youtube yet. Sorry, Rob Schneider.

- I'm amazed we're only down 8. But moral victories aren't good enough.

- Sweet. I blogged about it, and Gregory put him in. Ah, the power on the internets!

- I just can't understand having Wright sit on the bench. It virtually guarantees that at best, Dayton will still be down by 10 when he comes back in with 8 minutes to go. Coach Teen Wolf, what are you doing? Is Stiles telling you to do this?

- the word 'field' is the funniest part of that text. Well, Clarke saying "my girl" is pretty funny too.

- text from Clarke "My girl just looked at London Warren and asked: 'Is that a girl on the field?'"

- Sorry, Garman. I agree with Hubert. Chris Wright needs to be on the floor right now.

- Little scores on Dr. Frease.

- Marcus Johnson is single-handedly keeping Dayton in this game.

Halftime Thoughts
  • text from Garman "We are in trouble unless our coach goes teen wolf in the second half"
  • I guess that means we should surf on top of a van? I don't see how that will help matters.
  • Chris Wright needs to get his head out of his ass...well, first, get his ass off the bench...well, whatever. Doesn't he realize that he can dunk the basketball crazy good?!
  • I figured it out. Garman thinks they should get a keg of beer.
  • If Dayton's going to come back, they have to (a) get Chris Wright the ball (b) hit their lay-ups (c) not rely of Fabrizius to guard the paint....this is NOT his coming out party and (d) get McLean under control. And yes, I'm talking about this McLean.
  • text from Basford "How old do you think BJ Raymond really is? I put the over-under at 34. I'll take the over"

- I was hoping to be able to say "Well, we're only down by single digits at the half, so that's a good sign." Yeah, I can't say that.

- Damn you, McLean.

- An assist for Dayton. What an idea!

- text from Basford "Did you realize TO got cut and ARod has a bum hip? You can read about it on the bottom line every 27 seconds"

- I think Xavier just realized we aren't (and haven't been) playing with a center.

- Xavier, your cheerleaders. WOOF!

- Hubert Davis jinxes the Musketeers. He's on our side!

- A Three! Johnson three'd a shoot!

- That charge on Wright was crap. Crap, I say.

- Dunk! Little dunked the shoot!

- UD memory fun fact - our freshmen intramural basketball team name: the Squirming Coils. I remember asking Ben and Pat what that meant. They said it was a Phish song. Then I asked again what it meant. They had no clue, and then probably offered to sell me a veggie burrito.

- It's a rock. With a Sharpie-drawn face. Thankfully, Hubert Davis acknowledges how stupid that is.

- Sean Miller puts something in the Xavier lockers when they don't "value the rock."

- Xavier refused to shake hands after the national anthem....what a bunch of terrorists.

- text from Sas "10 minutes in and just now realize we are the team in black uniforms...I'm at a bar"

- Tonight will be Luke Fabrizius' coming out party. The good-at-basketball kind. Not the other kind.

- Marcus Johnson just airballed a lay-up. Wow.

- text from Basford "This is the brand of low scoring, turnover laden shitty basketball I have come to know and hate"

- text from Tom "Black jerseys must be condusive to missing lay ups"

- Dammit, London Warren. Everytime you touch the ball, I feel like I'm watching a toddler trying to walk for the first time. Easy, buddy. Easy.

- Huelsman with 2 fouls Searcy....crap

-Basford chimes in on the uni-debate. He loves them. He also loves the Bengals, so.

9:11 - Jill hates the black unis too.

9:09 - black jerseys for Dayton. But it's 11-2. Can you change uniforms during a TV time out?

9:06 - text from Greg "If I wanted to watch nova I would turn the tube to PBS"

9:00 - the teaser during the Providence/Villanova game....words have already been exchanged on the court. Someone get ahold of that Redford kid! By the way, I have to give it to Xavier. How inspiring that they gave Redford a chance to play Division 1 ball. They saw his potential back when he was counting toothpicks in high school.

Pregame Notes:
  • I drove to Dayton to watch the Flyers break Xavier's 6-game winning streak against them. 2 minutes after arriving, Rob Lowery got hurt for the year, but thankfully, we had another dreadlocked point guard to take his spot.
  • The game's in Cincinnati, which is bad news for the Flyers. They haven't won there since before I was born. Will the 28-year drought end tonight? This was a positive sign.
  • Xavier's coach, Sean Miller, held a meeting with the student body to plead with them to not go on spring break, because it fell during Dayton's visit. He also refuses to wear throwback jerseys, because he doesn't want Dayton to think the game means anything. Division 1 coaches always have pep club emergency meetings when the game means nothing.
  • Right now, the Dayton Flyers are likely in the tournament [24-5 (10-4), RPI: 27, SOS: 109]. A win tonight clinches it. A loss means we've got to win against Duquense. A loss there means we'll have to sweat it out and I'll start to spout off about RPI and the lack of respect the A-10 gets (because, you know, St. Bonaventure and Richmond are awesome).
  • My prediction- Dayton 66 - Xavier 60
  • FUXU


Clarke Bomb said...

the xavier cheerleaders are awful

TC said...

Considering that the X boys really want to look tough getting "held back" from pre-game altercations, they don't help their street cred by flopping like bitches everything Chris Wright drives.