Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mountain Song

Dear Gregg Doyel,

As if it wasn't enough of an outrage that a team ranked #27 in the RPI gets an 11 seed (and subsequent date with the best 6 seed in the field) while two middling Big Ten teams pull 10 seeds, you've now taken my crushing despair and transformed it into a sea of pure bewilderment. You may be a national columnist for CBS Sports, but you are also out of your damn mind.

Exhibit A:

Dark-horse pick: I came dadgum close to putting Dayton into the Final Four. Yes, I did. As it is, I've got Dayton beating West Virginia, Kansas and Michigan State to get into the region final, but I didn't have the guts to pick the Flyers over Louisville.

Most likely upset: Clearly Dayton over West Virginia, and not just because I'm picking the Flyers. West Virginia shoots a ton of 3-pointers, and if it's missing ... well, game over. Dayton has great athletes who score close to the basket, and they will do that against the Mountaineers.

I'm only assuming that he's not including Dayton's starting center, who shoots 40% from the floor (while never taking a shot from further away then 6 feet) when he references those "who score close to the basket."


Costello said...

I feel like if we can get past West Virginia, we can definitely beat Kansas.

Now, from there, I'm not so sure. Initially, I had USC upsetting MSU, and if that's the case, then maybe the elite 8 is a possibility.

But in reality, we'll probably lose by 15 in the first round.

Costello said...

Also, I had been waiting for a chance to use that picture. Thanks for stealing my thunder.

TC said...

1. I would like UD's chances much better were they playing any of the other 6 seeds, I just don't like the matchup with WVU. But if it's a defensive battle they've got a shot.

2. Have you seen that full spread of photos? That's not even the best picture in the cribs layout! The Rock Band photo is #1, followed by MJ and the empty refrigerator.

Anonymous said...

I'm late to the party, but you missed one obvious reason for why Dayton could (and did) beat WVU. Bob Huggins. Just like at UC, his ability to win in the tournament with WVU is alive and well.