Thursday, November 12, 2009

BIBJ Playlist of the 2000s entry #87: 1234 by Feist

Tuesday was Sesame Street's 40th anniversary. Naturally this post would have more sense on Tuesday, but planning ahead has never been my strong suit. Nevertheless, I present 10 classic Sesame Street musical moments after the jump.

1234 by Feist

This seems like it was probably particularly fun director and shooter.  They probably don't get a lot of opportunities to bring the camera crane out on normal street scenes when some adult is just whining about sharing.  That said, it was probably a huge pain in the ass for the puppeteers, who rarely have to get their shit together for one-take shots.

ABC Song by Tilly and the Wall

Maybe it's just me, but these girls seem to be flaunting the whole "stomp your feet" shtick RIGHT IN FRONT of the girl in the wheelchair.  Sorry you can't walk kid, but will you still sing it with me?

See the Signs by Chris Brown

I'm not the type of person to ever justify domestic violence, but if I were, this is where I would say, "It shoulda been you, Elmo."

Yo Yo Ma and the Honkers

Holy shit!  Did you see Big Bird shove Bob?  Animal on human violence is no joke, Big Bird!  Chris Brown learned it by watching you!

Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard by Paul Simon

Will somebody shut that kid up!  Good Lord Almighty!  Where's Big Bird when actually you need him to beat someone's ass?  

Superstition by Stevie Wonder

The most amazing thing about this clip is actually seeing a musical act get seven minutes to play on television.  Of course, this was still in the early phases of the show's existence, so maybe they were just giving the crew a break. Check out the kid losing his shit on the fire escape!

I Got a Song by Ray Charles

Who knew Bert was a leftie?  Although I don't really hear much guitar in the actual song, so really I guess that just makes Bert a left-handed fraud.  Ernie, on the other hand, is obviously a legit drummer.  Also, did Bert always laugh like a goat?  I was always so used to him being a miserable dick, so maybe I just never noticed his actual guffaws.

Hold My Hand by Hootie and the Blowfish

Take it away YouTube commenters!

Nasty Dan by Johnny Cash

Two points from the Muppet Wiki:
1.  The Muppet Wiki is something that exists!
2.  The Muppet Wiki reports that Johnny Cash appeared on Sesame Street four different times.  That has to be a record among recovered drug addicts.

Furry Happy Monsters by R.E.M.

Somehow the worst R.E.M. song ever recorded becomes a classic.  And all it takes is a Kate Pierson-ified Muppet and a cast of monsters that have mastered the art of wild mood swings.  I love how earnestly sincere Stipe is during his mid-song chat with the monsters.  It's a demeanor that reminds me of Uncle Andy's Funhouse with its lack of pretense.

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