Monday, November 16, 2009

BIBJ Playlist of the 2000s entry #15: Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros

A full in depth dissertation of Sigur Ros' evolution from sparse, glacial minimalists to dynamic, orchestral showstoppers is coming after the jump!

Of course I'm totally kidding.  Do we want to discuss the epic scope of Icelandic ambient post-rock, or do we want to KEEP FREAKING OUT ABOUT THAT COLTS GAME?!?  AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!  I CAN'T STOP THE SCREAMING INSIDE MY HEAD!

This guy knows what I'm talking about.

Git 'er done indeed, good sir!

Of course, as we all know, screaming fat guys who love the Colts aren't limited to shouting in their own homes.  They're also allowed to scream into microphones and lose their minds live via the radio!  (The fun really kicks in around the 3:15 mark.)

And how about Bill Belichick.  What a dick, right guys?  Terrible offensive decisions aren't just for former Patriot coaches!  Of course, with Belichick, it's never as simple as simply saying he made a dumb decision.   Post-game analysts implied that Belichick refused to punt because he didn't believe in his defense, but this theory makes no sense, as his defense had forced two interceptions and played reasonably well.  The truth is he didn't believe the Colts defense could stop him, and he wanted to rub that fact in.  But now he looks like an idiot.  And then that asshole security guard took down a cameraman!  For shame!

He treated that cameraman like the guy was one of Tom Cable's exes. 

The downside to this is that the inevitable "Can the Colts go undefeated?" chatter will get old very quick, but for now that's worth suffering through.  Don't you agree Bob?


rakeback said...

Great coach/terrible call. Whether the play succeeded or not, you just cant go for it on 4th down on your own 28 yard line with a 6 point lead this late in the game. Make the Colts go 80 yards to beat you.

Ross McLochness said...

Does the jewel of a senior citizen go from saying, "I'll be galsh derned," to "Indianapolis won that motherfucker"?