Friday, October 09, 2009

BIBJ Playlist of the 2000s entry #85: Time to Pretend by MGMT

MGMT does not allow their YouTube videos to be embedded on other sites.  This is a strategy I find baffling in every regard.  Why would you not want people to promote your product on other sites?  It still adds to the view counts regardless of where it's embedded, so I don't think it's a financial gain, is it?  I'm relatively sure that the artist doesn't control the decision, but I can't understand why a record label would make such a call either.  Perhaps the call is made by YouTube?  I believe that YouTube now pays royalties fees to the major labels to host videos on their site, so maybe they want people to have to view it directly from their site with their ads in place.  But this seems to go full circle with a complete lack of understanding marketing.  YouTube pays royalties, because if they don't, the record label would pull the video offline.  But doesn't it hurt the record label if viewers can't find their videos aren't on YouTube?  I mean I've been writing a post for down the road about a band who has made a half dozen of the best music videos this decade, but because of a dispute between said band's label and YouTube, I can't find ANY of their videos on the site.  This is ridiculous.

But where was I?  Ah yes, MGMT.  Their set a Lolla '08 amazed me in two respects.  First off, I couldn't believe how many people were at their stage considering it was 1pm Saturday.  The crowd was massive.  The second thing that amazed was how awful their live show was.  Their videos aren't much better.  It may be physically impossible to vomit from one's eyes, but the madness here puts that to the test.


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