Tuesday, October 06, 2009

BIBJ Playlist of the 2000s entry #25: Off the Record by My Morning Jacket

Z was the album that made me a believer in My Morning Jacket. Before 2005, I found them enjoyable, but not raveworthy.  Z, however, was the epic leap of a band swinging for the fences and connecting on every level. Many labeled the album as the “American OK Computer” but that seems like a lazy oversimplification (just as it was when many slapped a similar label on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot a few years before.)  At this point, any band that develops a signature sound (southern rock in MMJ’s case) and then goes above and beyond expectations to push the boundaries of their genre is going to get compared to Radiohead by default (especially considering John Leckie, who produced Z, also produced The Bends.) But the construction of Z shows wears additional influence of Elton John and Sunny Day Real Estate.

"Off the Record" was the first single off Z, and its video triggers a vital question.  What is the secret that has everyone in town losing their collective shit?

My prediction:  They're telling each other what the guy says at the end of the "Just" video.  And that's what really hurts.

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