Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BIBJ Playlist of the 2000s entry #38: The Way We Get By by Spoon

*Spoiler Alert* There will be at least one (and likely more than one) additional mention of Spoon in the next 40-odd days. So this one is short.

"The Way We Get By" was the first Spoon song I heard, and I remember thinking "These guys REALLY LIKE Elvis Costello."

Between Spoon and Fastball, I wondered if Elvis had somehow infiltrated the water supply of Austin in the late 1990s. Fortunately, Spoon has not only expanded their sound in the years since, but Britt Daniel has even confronted the Elvis comparison head on, as he showcased in his acting "debut" in one of the long lost UPN staples. Who among us doesn't love rock star cameos featuring title character-based karaoke humor?  Especially when Daniel's only two lines of actual dialogue are delivered with such non-actorly smoothness.

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