Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BIBJ Playlist of the 2000s entry #79: Saint Simon by The Shins

Good news everyone!  Zach Braff is not dead!  It was all a hoax from someone who realized that if you have rudimentary Photoshop skills, you can convince idiots on Twitter that this is an official story from CNN.com:

Red Flag #1:  The above fake article refers to Braff as a "comedian," which I'm pretty sure he's not, unless I'm oblivious to his days doing stand-up at the Chuckle Hut in Newark.  In fact, they use the word comedian twice in the first two sentences.  Note to future death hoax aficionados:  Acting in a comedy is different from being a comedian.  Details people!  Also, how exactly does one become "long loved?"

Red Flag #2:  Click on the screengrab to enlarge and check out the upper right corner, which informs that in other news, Heath Ledger has apparently split up with Michelle Williams.  Something about that line strikes me as being slighty dated, but I can't quite place why...

So now that the ugliness of COMEDIAN Zach Braff's fake suicide is over, let's turn turn our attention to the band that helped Zach Braff win a Grammy for his mixtape.  He also told everyone who would listen that the band would "change your life" using Natalie Portman's epileptic oddly available pixie character as a conduit for the message.

This particular type of exposure can of course set up a band for massive backlash from hipsters all to eager to point out that in fact their life is not changed at all, aside from becoming slightly more plaid and/or beardy (an evolution for which The Shins can only claim partial credit at best.)  The Shins have deftly avoided any such failures in the arena of blogular opinion. (Yes I did just coin that phrase right here and now!  Jealous?  Feel free to use it at your leisure.)  In fact, The Shins haven't even taken the Death Cab/The OC route of using their name dropping notoriety to segue to a major label deal.  Rather, the sons of Albuquerque have gone the opposite route, moving from Sub Pop to their own label for the upcoming fourth LP.  It's a shrewd move that will give them complete creative and financial freedom. 

Sometimes major labels, much like sidecars, are for bitches.

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