Friday, September 26, 2008

Pro Run Ep 11: "If They Mated" Edition

Enough with my analysis. I give you the "If They Mated" edition of the Pro Run blog. Enjoy.

lead singer from Bloc Party + Jack Skellington = Suede's design for Jerell

M.I.A. + Laurie Forman from That 70's Show = Kenley's design for Leanne

Todd Cleary + Rainbow Bright = Korto's design for Suede

The Pussycat Dolls + Felicity Shagwell = Jerell's design for Kenley

Dolly Parton + Cowboy Troy = Leanne's design for Korto

I'm looking forward to next week's Cryfest (maybe Ricky and Andre will come back to guest judge).

I'm holding strong with my final three predictions. However, they are pushing very hard for Kenley to get the boot. Her past performaces saved her this week. I think she'll get the Santino pass one more time. Sorry, Leanne.


Beatnik said...

You may not be wrong about Kenley (although I hope she goes, I'm so over her), but I still say it's Jerrell who needs to fight to stay in the top three. As much as I love him, I'd be extremely surprised if Leanne wasn't a lock for top three.

dragonlady250 said...

Thank you for making me laugh so hard!!