Saturday, September 06, 2008

I Have No Words

I was driving home tonight after watching Purdue limp through a 42 - 10 victory over Northern Colorado. The Cubs were facing the Reds, and I had WGN for the first few miles, but lost that signal as soon as a cloud unshrouded the moon.

Lucky enough, WLW - 700 AM can be heard in the Philippines on a clear night, so the game was still available. The only trade of course was a swap of Ron Santo for Marty Brennaman.

The Cubs were laying the wood to the Reds, but that wouldn't be the only wood of the evening. After breaking his bat, Cubs reserve Micah Hoffpauir went for a new bat. What then flowed from the luxurious lungs of Brennaman left me thoroughly speechless.

"They always feel good when they're sporting new wood."

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