Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pro Run Ep 10

I'd like to dedicate this blog entry to the pigeon that died on top of Jerell's head last night.

A moment of silence, please.

Well, after my long hiatus from Project Runway blogging, I returned to find Blayne (the poor man's Christian Soriano) and Terri (the poor man's Diana Ross) were gone. And we're left with contestants, two of which clearly have no chance (Suede and Joe). So the next few weeks are pretty simple: can Leanne knock out Jerell for the final spot in the finals with Kenley and Korto?

A few scribbles from my notepad last night:
  • Evening gowns for's no more ridiculous than making dresses out of Saturns
  • While forcing the designers to work with clients always creates more drama, do actual designers ever do this? Don't they just make whatever crap they want and throw it on the runway?
  • I have a theory that those college grads were all previous cast members of My Super Sweet Sixteen with giant fake noses......what? those were their real noses?....that's sad.
  • Everyone ripping on Joe's outfit was probably the first time this season I genuinely laughed outloud. Nancy Reagan indeed!
And onto the designs!
Joe - The moment I saw that popped collar, I knew you were a gonner. Use your pocket square to dry your tears.

Leanne - I completely support your decision to equip your client a bullet-proof shawl. I've seen Dangerous Minds.

Jerell - You are killin' it. But your model was shaped exactly like you....I suspect you just grabbed that outfit out of our closet....but were too selfish to give her the hat too.

Korto - I think this oufit looks ridiculous, but you consistetly follow the guidelines of the challenge, and yet it always looks like you made it. Korto, the goddess of having a clear aesthetic (I have no clue what that means. Maybe Kenley will tell me).

Kenley - They've edited you into an arrogant asshole. I bet you're just arrogant. You're in danger of becoming the one-note wonder that Uli was a few seasons ago. Then again, Uli did make it to the finals.

So, it seems pretty clear that Suede will leave us next week. Then, I'm gonna predict that Leanne overtakes Jerell to make it to the final three.

And in preparation for next week's hip hop episode (everyone but Korto will fail miserably at this), I leave you with my favorite jam from Ladies Love Cool James:


Beatnik said...

What do you mean, do real designers ever do this? This is a HUGE part of what successful designers do, working with clients on specific pieces. Think of how many designers there are who make their bread-and-butter by successfully dressing celebrities for red carpet events. This kind of success is what affords you the opportunity to show your line on the runway at all!

Beatnik said...

I disagree with your top three predictions. I think Leanne probably wins the whole show, even though she's not my favourite designer, but Kenley will have to edge Jerrell out to get in to the finals. Korto should be a lock though.

As for the hip-hop challenge, I bet Jerrell works it out well. Korto, maybe. Suede...oh, not at all. You're right, he's sure to go home next week. But Kenley will be in the bottom two yet again, I think.

Costello said...

I've never hidden my lack of knowledge regarding the design world.

I wonder how Diane von Furstenberg deals with the mothers of her clients.

Beatnik said...

Hahaha. Maybe she feeds them wine and reminds them again how famous she is. That's what I'd do if I were her.

jill said...

i don't care if it's bad editing, i think kenley is a total bitch who is in love with herself. hello! she made that mini-me! I was rooting for Joe - when was the last time a normal dude won pro run? um, never? suede is out next. leanne, jerrell, and korto in the final 3.