Friday, March 28, 2008

No One Touch the March. The March Has Gone Mad!

The following blog entry will reflect my love of:

a) college basketball
b) college basketball montages
c) Full House
d) the internet's curbing of my own boredom

Now, last March, I wrote about not just my love of tournament time, but more specifically, my adoration for the traditional montage of tourney clips set to the sweet sounds of "One Shining Moment" (if the montage doesn't already cause you to tear up, get this: rumor has it that this song was the last recorded by Luther Vandross pre-stroke. Yeah, grab a tissue).

Well, this year, they've upped the ante. You can design your very own montage!

Here's what I came up with. The following clip will reflect my:

a) idolization of AJ Graves and Pete Campbell
b) short attention span (they have hundreds of clips I wasn't willling to click through)
c) overt inspiration from this art project

Did you follow all those non sequiturs?

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