Monday, March 10, 2008

Fitter Happier

So by luck of timing, I managed to get a pair of cheap Lollapalooza tickets last week, before the acts were announced. I was hoping that Radiohead would be headlining, and while it's not officially confirmed, all signs indicate at least two of the three headliners will in fact be bands without a record label. Both acts have sold/are selling their new album through their respective websites. The jury is out on whether the "pay what you want" method will work on a broader scale within the industry, but with Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails headlining, one thing is certainly clear: Lollapalooza will feature no shortage of attendees spouting brilliantly satirical one-liners at concession stands along the lines of "How about I name my own price for a bottle of f'ing water?"

Two acts who more than likely will not be appearing at Lollapalooza are Justin Timberlake or The Killers, but they did team up (in a matter of speaking) in Southland Tales, which I watched this weekend. It's a complete mess of a film, and I'm still not sure if I mean that in a good way or bad way. I loved Donnie Darko, but Richard Kelly really takes the "What-the-hell-is-happening-right-now? factor" to the next level on Southland Tales. As bizarre as the whole film is, Timberlake lip-syncing "All These Things That I Have Done" is oddly compelling. I especially enjoy the fact that there are still people playing video games in the background of the arcade while he pounds beer after beer.

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