Saturday, December 30, 2006

Anti-Anti-Semitism and Wikipedia Go Hand in Hand

I vividly remember studying for finals in May 1998 piled into one of those ridiculously comfortable $10 garage sale chairs that doubled for high-class livin' when the sun began to peak through the curtains and Good Morning America began its daily broadcast.

As I muddled through my notes for Psych 444 it became evident that this broadcast was to be Charlie Gibson's last on GMA. In no time I wielded my calling card/call-back service/10-10-220 or whatever we used for long distance calls before cell phones and had my mom on the other end of the line. Be it his Midwestern charm, all-around decent looks, or clever banter with Joan Lunden, something made Charlie Gibson a fetching and innocent beau for my mom. No doubt, the news of Charlie's departure would throw her world - or at least her morning routine - into a tizzy.

Flash forward to tonight and I'm watching President Gerald Ford's casket being placed in the rotunda of the Capitol building on ABC and good ole' Gibson - now a respectable Charles nee Charlie - is anchoring the coverage. He lilts out some word with midwestern pronunciation and it gets me wondering where Charlie set his roots. I do a quick flash to Wikipedia and discover he's from Evanston, Illinois. Well, there you go - that's a Midwest/Indiana phrase similar to the British "Bob's yur uncle." I'm sure Charlie says it all of the time.

Rolling down to the Trivia section of the Gibson entry brought about a hilarious/tragic revelation. Wikipedia editors want all of us to know that Charlie Gibson is "not related to Mel Gibson."

Is it more likely that Mel Gibson's anti-semitism has caused unsettling confusion around the ABC water cooler or that Wikipedia editors are on a crusade to preserve the reputation of heartthrobs for 60-year-old women everywhere?

Wikipedia, once again proving 100% of people are right some of the time.

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