Saturday, December 02, 2006

Screw USC: Hawaii Wants the Buckeyes

The Hawaii "Don't-call-me-rainbow" Warriors defeated the Purdue Boilermakers last weekend in a 42-35 slugfest. Hawaii gave up all 35 points in the second half after holding Purdue scoreless to that point. It took another strong-armed drive at the hands of stunning quarterback Colt Brennan to lock up the victory for the newly ranked Hawaii squad.

The game was broadcast in the Midwest via a ham radio hookup, descrambled through 1981 era cable technology complete with the Hawaii broadcast crew constantly tweaking Midwest ears with their Pacific pronunciation of "Ha-wa-ii" and Curtis "Pain-ter" who incidentally was named the player of the game for Purdue while being misnamed "Chris Pain-ter." The same broadcast crew couldn't say enough how a victory over Purdue - 18 point underdog Purdue - would be a win for the ages and solidify Hawaii's home amongst the football pantheon. As noted in Brian Neubert's article in Gold & Black Illustrated, "You'd have thought Purdue was the '85 Bears."

Following the victory, Hawaii head coach June Jones noted that "We beat [Michigan State in 2004] and we beat this team. If Ohio State came [to Hawaii] we'd probably beat them too."

  • Hawaii has an electric quarterback in Brennan, yet the same Brennan will lose the Heisman to OSU's Troy Smith.
  • Hawaii is currently ranked 24th in the AP and 23rd in USA Today, while OSU is a definitive overall # 1.
  • Hawaii is lagging at 25th in the Sagarin rankings and a respectable, yet not perfect, 10 - 2.
  • Sweater vests always trump leis in awkward coach couture.

What are we to learn? Simply, June Jones is out of his mind. Pass the spam.

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I'm a Jayhawk said...

It must be all of that Hawaii sun frying his brain. Or maybe that Spam isn't sitting right in his belly (It is amazing how many Spam dishes they serve at Hawaiian-cuisine oriented restaruants in the islands). Without the Hawaiians, Spam would probably a culinary relic today.

I will give Junes his due though; they are a fun team to watch as your Biolermakers learned the hard way.