Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tuesday Vintage Commercial: Hooray for America

It's election day people, and I can't help but wonder where Puffy's "Vote or Die" campaign went. I suppose it's all fine and good to encourage voting in Presidential elections where your vote really doesn't matter, but midterm elections are just as important. Sure, you may not really know the candidates, or even know what their job entails (I'm not sure what the Warren Township constable does, but I'm pretty sure he has to perform all tasks while riding a horse.) Regardless, this is how democracy works people! And if I can't convince you, then I know of only one man who can. A man who always served his political office with honor and decorum. And that's my final thought for election day.

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Ross McLochness said...

That commercial brings tears to my eye without the benefit of mace or pepper spray.

This election day has to be better than the last...for me at least. I got to hear a wisdom tooth get ripped from my skull. They may numb the pain, but no amount of Phil Collins can mask snapping enamel.