Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Riddle Me This

The better half and I will be trekking out to Vegas this weekend partially for a friend's 30th birthday party, but mostly to pray for a leather-slathered seat in the Bellagio's sports book from which we might revel in our first ever NCAA and NFL weekend. Seeing as I hit the exacta in the Breeders Cup, this seems to be my week for trying.

I began my research at bodog.com after seeing that my Purdue Boilermakers are a three point dog at Illinois this weekend. Now, I know that the Boilers have turned in some gut-wrenching defeats lately, but this is Illinois. I was ready to throw down my next paycheck on Purdue and at the same time dance that fateful dance of having good money riding on a team that perennially breaks my heart.

I don't get this though. How can Purdue be getting 3 points, yet not be the favorite as far as the money line? Currently Purdue is at -115 with the Illini at -105. What gives?

Truths are emerging: 1) I'll never catch a break nor find that gambling diamond in the rough and 2) The Bellagio chairs will be full of east coast mooks before my shuttle from The Orleans even gases up.

Wish me luck.

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