Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday Vintage Commercial: Stroh's

Quality TV ads are a lost art. In honor of the glory that is YouTube, and the forgotten nostalgia of vintage television ads, I am taking it upon myself to post a classic vintage TV commercial every Tuesday. The first offering comes from Stroh's beer, a company that made it's mark with ad campaigns featuring Alex, the beer-serving dog. I never cared for the Alex ads, but this one really stands out from the pack for a few reasons.

These men all appear to have an obsession with Stroh's that is disconcerting on a few levels. Several other aspects of the ad are worth noting as well:

1. There are 2 men in the driver's seat. Is the guy in the blue sweater sitting on the driver's lap? And is the guy in the back seat retarded? He doesn't even get a line though the entire ad.

2. I like the stunt of the black rich guy "acting white" by using full first names. It's a relief to everyone when he reveals he's just joking...and then all parties can go back to their normal street slang, consisting of lines such as "Glad he didn't forget his friends"

3. From the interior of the "mansion," it seems this millionaire has spent most of his excess cash on throw pillows. And what's with his buddy demanding to know where the Stroh's is? They're standing in the living room, for heaven's sake! Does he expect this guy to just have random beers buried within the rich mahogany? Enough with the accusations, 3/4 sleeved-jacket guy. With friends like you, who needs friends? Luckily, this millionaire not only has cash, but smarts as well, and like many negotiators throughout the years, he avoids an ugly scene simply by completely draining his in-ground pool and filling it with cans of Stroh's. Works every time.

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