Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cry 'Havoc' and Let Slip the Dogs of War

I'm not a violent person.

When it comes to action movies I'm more of a Michael Mann man than Steven Seagal. I was never into any band who made a living being angry, confused, or angry because they're confused. In fact, I've never thrown a punch in anger.

However, this video clip transcends violence to saturate itself in post-modernistic glee. It has been floating around for a few months now, but once set to "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand it morphs into a ridiculous, base frenzy. The shortened clip can be found here, and evidently shows some post-event confrontation betwixt two mothers, a grandmother, and a daughter/implicated teen. The real visceral delights come with that wet-bag-o-sand audio when WT Mom #1 lands one on WT Mom #2. It makes that Marty McFly skull rebound from the first Back to the Future seem tame.

What's to learn here? Most of us still salivate at gratuitous violence/American uppitiness, and never, I mean never, tell that woman "Terry had THC in her system."


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