Wednesday, August 30, 2006

All that glitters is not gold (or Rock and Roll part ewww)

The excellent Bob Dylan article in the most recent Rolling Stone prompted me to make a quick visit to I took a screengrab of the layout on the homepage, which referenced a recent ruling by the National Football League to ban traditional post-touchdown anthem "Rock and Roll Part 2" from being played in NFL stadiums.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems rather unfair to throw an unsuspecting Reggie Wayne under the bus by placing his non-felonious image next to an article on arena rock trailblazer-turned glam pedophile Gary Glitter. And to think, I always thought that if some Miami Hurricanes alumni ever made a name for themselves by appearing on Rolling Stone, it would be the 7th floor crew.

The NFL ruling does raise an interesting question though. What should succeed "Rock and Roll Part 2" as the next arena anthem? My top 3 suggestions are as follows:

1. "Song 2" by Blur
2. "The Final Countdown"
3. "It's Raining Men"

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Ross McLochness said...

I've hit on this once before myself. Give it a look at