Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Separated at Birth: World Cup Style Round 7

This unadulterated edition of Separated at Birth is brought to you by a goal in the 91st minute that lifted Germany over Poland 1 - 0 in today's World Cup action. It was one of the most fantastic final minutes I'd seen in some time with Poland a man down and Germany clanging rapid-fire shots off of the cross bar. However, I did want Poland to prevail as today is my old roommate Brzezinski's wedding anniversary. No lie.

Here they are, Germany's Bastian Schweinsteiger and that guy from Deep Blue Something.

"And I said, what about, beating Poland in stoppage time?"

Germany kept trying to get touches for Bayern Munich star midfielder, Michael Ballack. They must have been pissed at him for razzing their buddies Chunk and Mouth because Ballack bears a strong resemblance to a certain reluctant Goonie.
Never mind the Ballack...
Here's Josh Brolin.

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