Thursday, June 15, 2006

Random Thought: NFL Headhunters

Every institution from local Cub Scout troops to GE each have one thing in common; leadership. This is the building block of success because it provides a vision and direction for underlings to follow. Way back when the NFL Combine was just finishing checking the last jock strap size for all college defensive tackles, it was reported that Commissioner Paul Taglibue was going to end his reign as warden of the trillion dollar business. Depending on the source, this was reported mid to late February and I’m sure the search began in the league office once the rumblings began. As press time the NFL has yet to name a successor.

Normally I wouldn’t gripe about such a delay in the search because I am aware that this is a process and the candidates must possess various high standard qualifications. Today my interests were piqued when the al-Qaida in Iraq appointed Abu Ayyub al-Masari to fill the recently vacated role on June 7th by the fan favorite al-Zawahri. You have to give their HR Department credit for acting swiftly in tapping the in house talent al-Masari. If you or any one of your co-workers have had to add a beneficiary to your medical plan, you know the foot dragging that goes on in most human resource departments. The impending counter point holds no water, “al-Masari doesn’t have to deal with labor talks, network deals or Chad Johnson. Essentially he can leave al-Qaida on auto-pilot like Barry Switzer in 1995”. To put it simply you just have to tip your cap to the radical Islamic group and hope that the NFL can hasten the process so that the number one sport in the nation can thrive with proper leadership and guidance for years to come. Just please, please, please do not sign Bud Selig an offer.

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