Friday, June 09, 2006

Best Drunk Songs: An Open Debate

Somewhere near the fall of 1998 I was a junior at Purdue University. Due to unexpected circumstances, my roommate and I were stuck in an apartment that bore closer resemblance to an efficiency, i.e. no bedroom. There were two concrete results to this mishap on the part of student housing: a) my roommate built “The Fort” with an intricate system of blankets in order to block out any transient noise and light from my late night romps (average bed time: 4:30am), and b) we ended up living across the hall from four swingin’ chicks.

Three of these girls were quite memorable, but only two of their names were equally memorable. Basically we had Laura, Danielle, the artsy anthropology major, and…alright one forgettable girl. Either way, these girls thought we were the bee’s knees and ended up partying heartily with us on numerous occasions. Isolated within one of the many Big Ten party experiences – and we’re talking big time here – was a jaunt home that ended up with my roommate hibernating in “The Fort” and me sloppy drunk and misty-eyed on the couch with Laura comfortingly in tow. The apartment’s overpowered stereo equipment lay at the ready, and I was more than willing to put Laura to work.

In my stupor - and mind you I was quite the lovey-dovey drunk in these days - I asked Laura to continually play two alternating songs from our myriad CD collection. Even now I can remember my arm dangling lifelessly from the 7-foot-long couch as I barked out melancholy instructions

“Disc number this, track 12. Then disc number that, track 2.”**

At the moment the choices seemed as liquid as my state of mind. I was in an inebriated bliss and more than willing to let the musical dynamic duo toss me about gleefully on their melodies. The night progressed from there. Laura sat preciously in a heap more than willing to play DJ to my shameless mess. It’s easily one of the best memories I could ever have.

So I want to know, what are the best songs to listen to when you’ve had too many. Do you get angry and agro like some Road Rules reject? Are you sappy and pensive? Or do you merely look forward to the next Thursday night at Pete’s and T.A. Toms? I know my macro-brew anthems have evolved over the years, but I’m still willing to toss out a few of my favorites. Please, for the sake of kids at state schools everywhere, tell me what grabs your fancy when you’re ready to pass out but not ready to let the party pass away.

“Let Down” – Radiohead
“Mexico” – Cake
“The Biggest Lie” – Elliott Smith
“Pink Moon” – Nick Drake
“Kathy’s Song” – Apoptygma Berserk (The Ferry Corsten Remix OF COURSE)

Do it for the kids. Do it for Laura, where ever she is.

**We had a 25-disc changer at our disposal.


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Anonymous said...

Well I didn"'t read your article but FUCK YEAH Animal Collective whilst drunk is the best drink that ever happened to me!!!!!! I'm experiencing while writing that coment to you. KTHXBYE I'm not annoying ytou anumore!!

PS:Great list byt the way but kinda depressing. Oh hell, who cares?