Tuesday, December 01, 2009

BIBJ Playlist of the 2000s entry #60: I Summon You by Spoon

I'm a big fan of Black Cab Sessions, as it answers a question that has haunted mankind since perhaps the beginning of time itself.  Does music sound better when performed in the back of a British taxi?  The definitive answer:  I guess so?

And now, a completely unrelated thought of the continuing glory of The Room.

Here's Patton Oswalt doing his best Tommy Wiseau impression.

I found this production a bit underwhelming.  Amusing for sure, but somehow amounting to less than the sum of its parts.  I had a similar reaction to David Cross channeling Wiseau.  Anyone who has ever watched The Room, or seen Wiseau speak in a non-scripted setting can see why he's fodder for impressions.  The man is a lunatic, routinely stringing non sequiturs together with the gracefulness of a drunken chimp.  But this is also the reason why any impressions - even those done by legitimately funny people - come off as cheap.  Because they seem drastically inferior to the real thing.  I mean examine the following clip, where Wiseau claims to have hired understudies for all actors!  And he gets lost in describing a drug scene that he wrote himself!

Has it ever been funny when someone has done an impression of Bob Dylan singing?  No, because it's never as amusing/perplexing as Bob Dylan singing himself (or Dylan doing anything other than singing, for that matter).  The same corollary is valid for anyone mimicking the speech patterns or general thoughts of Wiseau.  Am I comparing Tommy Wiseau with Bob Dylan?  In this instance, yes I am, in that they could duel each other in an out-crazying contest and would probably end in a draw.  Here's hoping that someday Tommy Wiseau tries his hand at putting together a shot-by-shot remake of the "Must Be Santa" video

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